Autumn Ribbons {FREEBIE}

{Read in Italian...}
Free autumn ribbons for your blog sidebar or whatever you want
These last two weeks have been quite hard for me. I'll sum it up fast.
I was ill and I had to do a lot of tests because one of the causes could have been leukemia. Also, my mate had a car crush. Luckily, we're fine now. It turned out that I have a pretty bad infection, but no cancer. My mate is ok and our car is on its way to be repaired, the insurance will cover the entire cost of this operation. Now we only have to deal with a crazy, senile neighbour, who's trying to get our bikes removed from the parking area because... I dunno, he's bored I guess...
I am unable to keep this sort of things for myself: if I do, my fears and my frustrarion tend to grow bigger and bigger...
I am lucky because I received a lot of support from my family and my friends, both real life ones and online ones: those who, patiently, care to read my blog even when my posts are just pointless rants.

That's why I wanted to make something for my readers: it's just a little freebie, a small token for my gratitude.
These are some ribbons, available in 6 different colors that I extrapolated from some of my favorite fall palettes.
They've been conceived as sidebar dividers or headers, but you can use them for anything you want, really.
They come in two different sizes, so you can use them according to the sizing of you sidebar.

Don't you know how to customize your sidebar titles? No worries, this is going to be the topic of my next tutorial...

I hope that you like them: if you want to give a little seasonal touch to your blog, maybe they can get useful...
Feel free to show me the result, if you use them: I'd bee happy to see that!

Do you like to edit your blog graphics according to the current season?
Would you consider the idea of using seasonal blog layouts?
Or, otherwise, do you fear that this sort of things can make your identity too messy?

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