Two little works

{Read in Italian}

Today I realized that I've never mentioned here a couple of little vector works that I made some months ago.

The first one is the new logo for the creations of Le idee della Vale.
New logo for Le idee della Vale
I revisited her doodle with Illustrator. Vale wanted her Mini Me to resamble her as much as possible. We needed a couple of tries to make her glasses look identical to the real ones that she wears! In the end, I think that this illustration is cute, very kawaii and a little geeky.

The second one is a watermark for Decoriciclo. Of course, there's a dark and a light version of it.
Watermark for Decoriciclo
I recreated the content of her header with Illustrator. The original piece was made by Daniela herself, with a pyrograph: she's one of the most versatile crafters that I've ever known!

What do you think?

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