Blog Design for 'Froda Creazioni'

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Today I want to show you my latest custom blog design work: Froda Creazioni!
Blog Design for Froda Creazioni
Grazia, my lovely customer, needed a new look for her space: it had to be very kawaii, sort of otaku, slightly geek, with a sprinkle of fantasy.
Grazia is such a talented crafter. She creates wonderful amigurumi and polymer clay accessories {even for cosplay!} along with more traditional crafts, like ring bearer pillows.

For her new blog design, we started from a little illustration that represents herself as a little, crafty hobbit. This illustration was made by Grazia's friend Nari. Unfortunately, the original image was lost, so I had to rearrange the one that was in her old header, redrawing a couple of missing parts.
The rest of the design had to be very manga-inspired: a theme that was so very dear to me, when I was a teenager.
This work was so much fun!
I got inspired by my old addition to halftone screens, the ones that you can commonly see on shojo mangas {girly Japanese comics}: I used to buy these rare and expansive sheets, to apply them over my drawings and comics. I wanted my graphic elements for Grazia's blog to bring this halftone feeling.

As for colors, Grazia loves light blue and green. I paired them with a bright liliac, to create a nice contrast. With a total white background, the layout resulted simple, clean and fun.
The main font is a clear sans-serif, while for the titles I needed something with that fantasy vibe I was looking for... so I asked for help to Bilbo! XD
Desktop and Mobile Visualization for Froda Creazioni

On the home page I added a slider with some edited pictures that lead to some themes of Grazia's creations.
Her contact page contains a handy form scripted by me.

I hope that you liked my work for Grazia and I thank her again for trusting me!

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