Blog Design & Branding for 'I fiori di Marica'

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Today I'm happy to show you my latest blog design and branding work, for I fiori di Marica.
Maria Carmela and Tina are a couple of creative mother and daughter. They work with almost any material, their imagination has no limits!
Blog Design & Branding for 'I fiori di Marica'
Tina and Maria Carmela had clear in their minds most of what they wanted for their new blog layout. Of course, when I had to deal with an idea that I didn't think could have been effective, I offered them different options.
Designers are not merely tools: our work should always include offering the customer the best advice possible, according to our experience.
So, they gave me some options about the color scheme to follow. They also wanted a certain font included and they gave me the scan of one of their felt creations, a flower. This felt flower eventually became the theme of the whole design. After cropping and editing it accordingly to my needs, I used this flower to create the social icons and the "back to top" button. The I used the same shape to make the logo and some other elements, like the bullets for the lists that they can make on their posts. Here you can see them in action.
Blog Design & Branding for 'I fiori di Marica' - palette da Design Seeds
The chosen color palette. Source: Design Seeds
I had some troubles when I had to include a font that was not present on Google Web Fonts: with Blogger, this can be very tricky!
In the end, I found a decent solution, thanks to a Jquery plugin.
The result is that now you can see the navigation menu, the titles of the widgets and some other written elements with this cute label style.
If I were a lazy designer, I would have opted for images, instead of "wasting" so many hours looking for a better solution. But this way the blog owners will be able to add new pages or widgets without having to create new images and mess with html code.
No sir, the labels will appear effortlessly, as they edit their widgets the easy way.

Of course, I made a custom mobile visualization for them...
Blog Design & Branding for 'I fiori di Marica' - mobile and desktop visualization
... and I created the app-style icon, for smartphones and tablets.
Blog Design & Branding for 'I fiori di Marica' - mobile icon
Screenshot from my smartphone.
When the blog was complete, Maria Carmela and Tina commissioned me also some packaging and branding material, for print usage. So, there we have:
  • business cards;
  • labels with their address, to be put on their envelopes;
  • round stickers;
  • tags for their jewelry;
  • small tags that will be printed on tissue, to stitche them on fabric creations;
  • labels to be put on promotional flayers for their online shops.
I used some qr codes, to make it easier to reack their links.
Blog Design per 'I fiori di Marica' - branding and packaging
Thank you so much, Maria Carmela and Tina! It's been a pleasure to work with you!

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