Custom Domain on Blogger - FAQ

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Custom Domain on Blogger - FAQ
Some days ago I set up a custom domain name for the Italian version of my blog. Since then, I received lots of questions about the process: that's why today I'm going to answer some frequently asked questions on this subject. Hope you find them useful!
  • First of all, what the hell is a domain?!
    A domain name is an address that leads to a specific website, which is hosted on a specific server.
    For example, is the domain name that points to the Google server where my Italian blog is hosted.
  • Why should I consider buying a custom domain name?
    A good reason to get rid of the is that a custom domain looks more professional, compared to a standard domain that is clearly tied to a free service like Blogger itself.
    Let me clear this point: let's say that I'm looking for an information about weaning {since I'm comparing the authorship of two mommy blogs} and after my research Google gives me a link and the address to a website with a proper, custom domain. Which link will I click? Most of the times I'd click on the custom domain, because I expect the blogger who invested into her space to be more professional and reliable.
  • Where can I buy a domain name?
    I used GoDaddy, but there are many other options, like 1&1 and EasyDNS. Sometimes these websites have promotions going on, so check them out.
  • How do I buy my domain name?
    First, you need to choose the name. If you're interested in a top-level domain {which in most of the cases is what you're looking for your blog}, it will be a URL made of your blog name on the left {without dots in between the words} and an extension on the right, like .com, .org, .net, etc. If that domain name is already taken, you'll get an alert and you'll need to adjust to something slightly different.
    Domain names require an annual fee in order to keep their property. The cost is roughly 10$ per year. If you let them expire without renewing them, anyone can get their hands on your domain name.
  • But I wanted that domain name that is already taken! Why can't I buy it as well?
    Domain names are globally unique: it means that, worldwide, there can't be two domain names that point to two different servers.
  • I got used to Blogger interface and I love it... What's going to happen if I change my domain name?
    Absolutely nothing. Your blog will still be hosted on Blogger and the interface won't change. This would occur only if you switch hosting service, for instance if you decide to move to Wordpress.
  • What if some day I decide to move to Wordpress, after I set my custom domain on Blogger? Will I lose it?
    Nope! You'll just need to point your domain another time, to the server where your blog is hosted.
  • Will the custom domain mess up my SEO? Will I lose ranking on Google?
    No. When you switch to a custom domain, Blogger automatically redirects all of the traffic to your new URL, through a process called Redirect 301 {or 301 Moved permanently}. This way you won't lose any page rank and all of your links will still work.
  • Will my readers lose any feed?
    No. I was afraid of this as well, but soon I realized that everything was ok. I didn't have to change anything on Feedburner, etc.
  • What happens to Adsense ads?
    After you set up a custom domain, your Adsense ads won't be displayed anymore, leaving a blank space. In order to make them work again, you'll need to follow a procedure. I'm going to talk about it in another post, very soon.
  • What if I buy more domain names? Like "" and ""?
    If you want to prevent someone else from buying a domain that looks very similar to yours, which can be confusing for some potential readers, you should buy more than one domain name. Then you'll have to choose your "primary" domain name and point it directly to your blog, while the other names will be redirected to the first one. We'll see how in the next post about domains.
If you have more questions, leave me a comment: I'll add the answer to the FAQ.
Next time we'll see how to set up a custom domain name on Blogger. Since I used GoDaddy, I'll use some screenshots from that website. Then we'll see how to fix Adwords ads.

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