Blog Design for 'Carta e Cuci'

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Today I'm happy to show you my latest blog design work, for Sabrina.
Blog Design for 'Carta e Cuci'
For some reason, her blog, Carta e Cuci, reminds me about myself. It is a very eclectic, but it always makes you feel at home. Working for Sabrina has been an authentic joy!

She has such a personal and original point of view on... like, everything. See how her son's toy car has become the inspiration for our color scheme...
Blog Design for 'Carta e Cuci'
In the end I used a brighter orange, because it was more readable on the screen.
When it came to creating her new logo, header and graphic elements, I wanted them to recall the main topics of the blog: tailoring and paper crafts.
So I used sketchy fonts, stitch-like dashed lines, washi tapes...
I tried to use the flat style that I love so much, giving it a playful, hand-drawn mood.

Working on this project gave me the possibility to learn so much.
I'm quite proud of the washi tape date headers, slightly tilted {CSS3 magic!}.
I'm also happy about the contact form placed on its static page, with the privacy policy check {which is mandatory by law, in Italy} and an anti-spam filter that doesn't rely on annoying captchas. The standard contact form widget available on Blogger doesn't feature these options, that's why I had to make a new one by myself. I was able to make it work by uploading on my personal server space the "engine" that delivers the messages.
Blog Design for 'Carta e Cuci'
For the first time, I created a custom mobile version of a Blogger blog.
Actually, it is half a mobile version and half responsive {media queries and fluid elements involved}... Maybe there are better solution and I hope to learn the as I keep learning, but the important thing for now is that it works!
Blog Design for 'Carta e Cuci'
On a side note: look at the app-like icon on mobile devices!
I also associated a new domain name to Sabrina's blog, as I did for my own some days ago. I'm going to publish a tutorial about this next week!
Lastly, I created some images for Sabrina's social network profiles: she'll upload them soon...

Thank you so much, Sabrina, for giving me so much trust on this project. I hope that we'll keep in touch as we did during these days for a long time because you're special. I also hope that my work for you will help to make your projects come true very soon!

PS. Thanks to Simona for her tips and all of the support she gave me during this project!

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