Facebook new layout: Tips + Creative timeline covers

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Starting from June 18th, all Facebook fan pages will go live with their new layout. This is going to be more compact, with the news on the right column and info on the left. You can already test the new look, in order to check if everything is ok before it goes live.

I really, really love those creative Facebook timeline covers that integrate profile pictures into a bigger scenario. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you definitely need to look at these brilliant examples here!
examples of creative timeline covers
Examples of creative FB timeline covers from Awwwards
I wanted to create a similar thing for my page as well. Here's how my timeline cover used to look like:
Facebook new layout: Tips + Creative timeline covers
Then I switched to the new look and... OMG!
Facebook new layout: Tips + Creative timeline covers
It was a total mess. And, honestly, I really hate that gray gradient at the bottom...
Whining doesn't solve the situation anyway: we can't change Facebook graphics, so we have to adapt to them as better as we can.

Timeline cover measurements aren't changing, you can check them here:
Facebook timeline cover measurements guide
What's new is the {fugly} gray gradient, those buttons hovering on the right and the title on the left. Also, the profile icon is positioned a little higher than before.

So, here's how I rearranged my timeline cover:
Facebook new layout: Tips + Creative timeline covers

You should check how your fan page will look as well: you're still in time to fix stuff before it goes live...
Do you like the new Facebook layout? What do you think about creative timeline pictures? Would you like to have one of those for your page as well?

Note: Unfortunately, the Facebook app positions the timeline cover and the profile icon in ways that are difficult to predict. It's quite impossible to have a profile picture that fits the timeline cover on mobile visualization as well, but what's for sure is that the profile pic is positioned on the left. So, if you have written content on the timeline cover, you'd better position it on the right.
As for my page, I haven't found a satisfying solution yet...

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