DIY Bird Nest Jewelry

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Finally, my first spring jewels! I enjoyed this project so much that I wanted to share it with you, hoping that my pictures and my instructions are clear enough... or, at least, that they can inspire you!
I think that these little jewels can become a perfect gift for Easter. I'm talking about bird nests.
DIY Bird Nest Jewelry'
Bird nests are made by wrapping metallic wire around 3-4 egg-like pearls. This project requires very few materials and offers a lot of options with colors and shapes. The nest can be used to make a ring or a pendant.
This time I used taupe pearls; I also love to see bird nests made with differently shaded beads, or with freshwater pearls, which often resemble the very shape of an egg!
This tutorial cannot be very accurate because it's hard to explain step by step how to pass the wire around the beads. The result, in my opinion, shouldn't be super messy, but it shouldn't be very tidy either, otherwise your nest will look kinda poor! Anyway, give it a couple of tries and I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the result.
DIY Bird Nest Jewelry
  1. Scissors;
  2. 3 beads or pearls {you can do it with 4 of them, if you prefer};
  3. thin metallic wire;
  4. flat pliers {not mandatory, but recommended}.
Cut off a long piece of metallic wire and insert the beads, leaving a short piece behind. Form a sort of circle with the beads and pass that short piece of wire into the hole of the last bead, in order to close this circle.
DIY Bird Nest Jewelry
Wrap for several times the wire around the beads. Secure it by making it pass among the layers of wire that you've already wrapped around the beads and sometimes make it pass through the hole of a bead.
DIY Bird Nest Jewelry
When you're satisfied with the thickness and the shape of your nest, wrap the remaining wire on the bottom of your nest.
Help yourself with the pliers and close the wire, cutting off the excess. Be careful while doing this: you don't want the end of the wire keeping scratching you and your clothes when you wear the nest!
DIY Bird Nest Jewelry
The nest is ready...

I made two of them: the first one became a ring, securing it to a ring base with two short pieces of metallic wire.
DIY Bird Nest Jewelry
With the second one, I made a pendant, by securing a loop among the layers of wire. In the end, I wasn't happy with it because, in my opinion, it looked too poor. So I made a tiny bow, inserted it into the loop and secured it all to a chain.
DIY Bird Nest Jewelry
I hope you enjoyed this project.
See you soon!
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