Why big images are so important

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Why big images are so important
Maybe you've already noticed websites that feature home pages similar to this one:
Home page of departementcreatif.com
Right now there's a trend in web design called hero images.
Hero images are pictures that take a large portion of browser window: they are the focal element of the page. They can be used either as content background or as big banners.
More examples: Zara, Cartier and Bing
Whether this trend is here to stay or will be dismissed soon, we can't tell right now, but there's something that isn't going to change: such big images have a strong emotional impact on the user and that's the main reason they've become a trend.
Now, let's talk about our blogs.

Now that we're aware of the impact that big images can have, let's take advantage of this lesson when we embed pictures to our blog posts. It is common to see posts with tiny pictures, like this:
Why big images are so important
This is not ideal at all! This image looks more like an external link rather than enhancing the beauty of our creation.
See how different is this version:
Why big images are so important
Do we all agree that the emotional impact is totally different? Do we all agree that our reader would spend a little more time to admire our creation? So, do we all agree that this reader could be more interested into clicking here?
Why big images are so important
Good! So let's stop using these unworthy thumbnails. Let your pictures shine with hero post images! :D

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