How to verify your blog on Pinterest

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How to verify your blog on PINTEREST
Today we're talking about social networks again. Pinterest offers so much to bloggers like us: if you 're not familiar with it yet, it is all about images, that you can organize into thematic boards. Just have a look around and you'll fall in love with Pinterest {warning: you might become addicted!}

Once you've created your Pinterest account, you should verify your own blog. This procedure will show Pinterest that our website is “ours”, by associating it to our profile.

To verify a blog hosted on one of the most common CMSs {Blogger, Wordpress, etc.}, you'll just have to insert a code, a meta tag, into your HTML.
Let's see, step by step, how.

  1. 1. From your Pinterest profile, go to Edit: a dialog box with our settings will pop up;
  2. How to verify your blog on PINTEREST
  3. copy and paste the URL of your blog into the Website field;
  4. click Verify;
  5. How to verify your blog on PINTEREST
  6. Pinterest will generate a meta tag, that you'll have to highlight and copy;
  7. now open a new tab on your browser, without closing the one with Pinterest, and go to your HTML editor for your blog {for Blogger: Template > Edit HTML};
  8. look for the <head> tag;
  9. right after it, paste the meta tag that you previously copied from Pinterest;
  10. save your template;
  11. How to verify your blog on PINTEREST
  12. go back to Pinterest and click where required to complete the verification process.

If everything went right, on your Pinterest profile page should now be displayed your blog URL, like this:
How to verify your blog on PINTEREST
If you'll ever change the URL of your blog, because, for instance, you bought a custom domain, you'll need to run this procedure again.
Unfortunately, right now Pinterest allows to verify just one blog/website per account: let's hope that this will change in the future!

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