One commission... and half.

{Read in Italian...}

Today I want to show you a couple of works, made just before these holidays.
parure con paste di turchese
This set was requested by my sister-in-law Anna, for a friend of her.
She told me to use blue as the main color, so I chose turquoise beads, which I really like {for others: I don't like light blues on myself very much}. Then I added silver smallware, small blue beads and prismatic transparent beads. I can see this duo worn both during winter and summer, also I'm glad I created my first triple bracelet.
Xmas Charms
Unfortunately, this other work is incomplete. These are charms that I should have used to decorate some safety pins. Candy canes and gingerbread men are made out of polymer clay, then there are these ribbons that I formed with a fork... Are you familiar with this technique? I found it on Pinterest: you can see it from here. It is brilliant!
It's been more than a month from now that I ordered the pins, but they haven't arrived yet. I grew kind of frustrated when I could not give these pins to my mom, who wanted to use them for the gift packages for her friends. Of course, she didn't get angry with me: I'll make up for that next year :(

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