My First Xmas Swap

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Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for my scarce online presence, but my routine is a mess.
Some days ago I started a new job, as graphic and web dev. I'm so happy about it, even if there are so many things to understand, so many files to find among thousands of folders... but it's ok, I'm glad to have this opportunity!
In the meanwhile, my Home is a total mess. One of my new year's resolutions involved a radical decluttering, yet so far I just rearranged the content of my wardrobe, in order to be able to find what to wear at work. I was thinking that I'd like to share my decluttering progress on this blog: maybe I'll be more motivated to carry on, and maybe we can exchange some tips! What do you think?

Ok, let's get to the real topic of this post. Last month I participated to a swap contest, by Desy from Il filo pazzerello. I ended up paired with Tina from La muscetta della torre d'avorio.
xmas swap
I'll start with my presents for her.
necklace with polymer clay owl
A colorful necklace, with an owl charm made out of polymer clay and a small ribbon. From what I read on her blog, Tina likes owls, so I hope to have chosen wisely!
adjustable ring with decorated button
This is an adjustable ring, with a decorated button that I really love. I wanted to add something more neutral, just in case the magentas of the owl were a little too much for her... I find this ring easily wearable and cute.

Now, Tina's presents: they were both absolutely appreciated!
neck warmer by La muscetta della torre d'avorio
She didn't know, but I wanted a neck warmer for so long! I love that it is white and I love the decoration! I'm going to use this a lot during the upcoming cold months...
keyring by La muscetta della torre d'avorio
This is a cute keyring, but actually I used it for a different purpose: it was just perfect to fix the closure of a broken bag of mine, which I'm very attached to. It matches the seams of the bag so nicely!

I'd like to thank Tina again: she really has some nice knitting skills and she was able to understand my tastes. I'd also like to thank Desy for her nice initiative.

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