How to share Instagram pictures on your Facebook fanpage

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How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
Some days ago I discovered something that might be obvious for many of you, but I wanted to share it anyway.
I started using Instagram {per quanto pochissimo} way before opening my blog and its fan page on Facebook: that's why I never noticed before that Instagram allows to share pictures not only on our timelines, but also on fan pages.

I belive that sharing our pictures on Facebook fanpage is an excellent way to create a deeper bond with our readers. More activity also helps to increase the visibility of our page.
I enjoy when I can get to know better the person behind a page that I like: some inspiring atmosphere, a fast glimpse at a work in progress, a simple smile... and – why not? - some images of our pets {rest assured that dog and cat pictures lead to a lot of likes and shares!}. These little things help to make me feel more involved and, by consequence, more interested.
Just try not to overdo, pretty please: I'm not trying to convince you that you should publish the pictures of every single meal you have!

Let's get to the point: how should we set our Instagram app so that we can share its pictures on our Facebook fan page?
How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
  • Open Instagram on your smartphone or tablet;
  • touch the icon on the lower right to see your profile;
  • touch the upper right icon, the one with three tiny squares {or a cogwheel, according to the version of your app};
  • select Share settings;
  • choose Facebook among the other social networks.
Now you should be able to choose if you want to share your pictures on your timeline or on one of your pages. Choose the page you want to share things with.
How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
From now, whenever you want to share a picture on your Facebook page, you'll just have to select Facebook under its Share tab.

Go on, share those pretty pictures of yours with your Facebook audience! ;)

Thanks to Sunny with a chance of Sprinkles

UPDATE: apparently, this option is not available on the latest Instagram releases for Android users.
Until they fix this with a future release {hopefully asap: I'll try to keep myself updated!}, you could downgrade to v.4.2.6 on your smartphone/tablet. You can find Instagram old versions here.

UPDATE on 06/16/'14: looks like the latest Android versions work just fine!

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