How to create a Favicon for Blogger

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How to create a Favicon for Blogger

This is a very basic tutorial, but don't underestimate it if you don't have a custom favicon yet! Your blog will be more recognizeable, personal and a bit more professional!
A Favicon is a tiny image that appears on our browser next to the title of a website.
How to create a Favicon for Blogger
On the left, the Favicon for Tine the Lazy; on the right, standard Blogger Favicon.
Start creating a small square image. Try to include an element that refers to your blog graphics, and/or to its content.
Some suggestions. You could use:
  • part of the graphics from your header {as I did}
  • your logo, if you have one;
  • the initials of the title of your blog;
  • an element that refers to colors or subjects you talk about {like a little cake for a blog about bakery, for instance}
Keep in mind that the final image will be 16x16 pixel: you should create it a little bigger, but try to resize it accordingly and see if the chosen image is still comprehensible. Now you can save the file: you can save it 16x16px, or slightly bigger. Just make sure that it is square and that it weights less than 100Kb. I suggest you to save it as .jpeg or .png. The Favicon can have transparent elements: save as .png in case you have, for example, a transparent background. Personally I suggest you this option, compared to having a white background!
Go to Layout, look for the Favicon panel and click on Edit.
How to create a Favicon for Blogger
Choose your file and confirm. Before exiting from Layout, save the arrangement.
Your image will be automatically resized to 16x16px and will pass from a .jpeg/.png extention to .ico. This icon will replace the standard Blogger one.
Some time could be required in order to visualize your Favicon correctly. In the meanwhile, try to empty your cache, if you want. If you bookmarked your own blog, you could cancel the bookmark and save it again, to speed up your own visualization of the correct icon.

We're done: a tiny trick that could make the difference.
See you soon!

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