How to share Instagram pictures on your Facebook fanpage

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How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
Some days ago I discovered something that might be obvious for many of you, but I wanted to share it anyway.
I started using Instagram {per quanto pochissimo} way before opening my blog and its fan page on Facebook: that's why I never noticed before that Instagram allows to share pictures not only on our timelines, but also on fan pages.

I belive that sharing our pictures on Facebook fanpage is an excellent way to create a deeper bond with our readers. More activity also helps to increase the visibility of our page.
I enjoy when I can get to know better the person behind a page that I like: some inspiring atmosphere, a fast glimpse at a work in progress, a simple smile... and – why not? - some images of our pets {rest assured that dog and cat pictures lead to a lot of likes and shares!}. These little things help to make me feel more involved and, by consequence, more interested.
Just try not to overdo, pretty please: I'm not trying to convince you that you should publish the pictures of every single meal you have!

Let's get to the point: how should we set our Instagram app so that we can share its pictures on our Facebook fan page?
How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
  • Open Instagram on your smartphone or tablet;
  • touch the icon on the lower right to see your profile;
  • touch the upper right icon, the one with three tiny squares {or a cogwheel, according to the version of your app};
  • select Share settings;
  • choose Facebook among the other social networks.
Now you should be able to choose if you want to share your pictures on your timeline or on one of your pages. Choose the page you want to share things with.
How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
How to share INSTAGRAM pictures on your FACEBOOK fanpage
From now, whenever you want to share a picture on your Facebook page, you'll just have to select Facebook under its Share tab.

Go on, share those pretty pictures of yours with your Facebook audience! ;)

Thanks to Sunny with a chance of Sprinkles

UPDATE: apparently, this option is not available on the latest Instagram releases for Android users.
Until they fix this with a future release {hopefully asap: I'll try to keep myself updated!}, you could downgrade to v.4.2.6 on your smartphone/tablet. You can find Instagram old versions here.

UPDATE on 06/16/'14: looks like the latest Android versions work just fine!

How to create a Favicon for Blogger

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How to create a Favicon for Blogger

This is a very basic tutorial, but don't underestimate it if you don't have a custom favicon yet! Your blog will be more recognizeable, personal and a bit more professional!
A Favicon is a tiny image that appears on our browser next to the title of a website.
How to create a Favicon for Blogger
On the left, the Favicon for Tine the Lazy; on the right, standard Blogger Favicon.
Start creating a small square image. Try to include an element that refers to your blog graphics, and/or to its content.
Some suggestions. You could use:
  • part of the graphics from your header {as I did}
  • your logo, if you have one;
  • the initials of the title of your blog;
  • an element that refers to colors or subjects you talk about {like a little cake for a blog about bakery, for instance}
Keep in mind that the final image will be 16x16 pixel: you should create it a little bigger, but try to resize it accordingly and see if the chosen image is still comprehensible. Now you can save the file: you can save it 16x16px, or slightly bigger. Just make sure that it is square and that it weights less than 100Kb. I suggest you to save it as .jpeg or .png. The Favicon can have transparent elements: save as .png in case you have, for example, a transparent background. Personally I suggest you this option, compared to having a white background!
Go to Layout, look for the Favicon panel and click on Edit.
How to create a Favicon for Blogger
Choose your file and confirm. Before exiting from Layout, save the arrangement.
Your image will be automatically resized to 16x16px and will pass from a .jpeg/.png extention to .ico. This icon will replace the standard Blogger one.
Some time could be required in order to visualize your Favicon correctly. In the meanwhile, try to empty your cache, if you want. If you bookmarked your own blog, you could cancel the bookmark and save it again, to speed up your own visualization of the correct icon.

We're done: a tiny trick that could make the difference.
See you soon!

My First Xmas Swap

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Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for my scarce online presence, but my routine is a mess.
Some days ago I started a new job, as graphic and web dev. I'm so happy about it, even if there are so many things to understand, so many files to find among thousands of folders... but it's ok, I'm glad to have this opportunity!
In the meanwhile, my Home is a total mess. One of my new year's resolutions involved a radical decluttering, yet so far I just rearranged the content of my wardrobe, in order to be able to find what to wear at work. I was thinking that I'd like to share my decluttering progress on this blog: maybe I'll be more motivated to carry on, and maybe we can exchange some tips! What do you think?

Ok, let's get to the real topic of this post. Last month I participated to a swap contest, by Desy from Il filo pazzerello. I ended up paired with Tina from La muscetta della torre d'avorio.
xmas swap
I'll start with my presents for her.
necklace with polymer clay owl
A colorful necklace, with an owl charm made out of polymer clay and a small ribbon. From what I read on her blog, Tina likes owls, so I hope to have chosen wisely!
adjustable ring with decorated button
This is an adjustable ring, with a decorated button that I really love. I wanted to add something more neutral, just in case the magentas of the owl were a little too much for her... I find this ring easily wearable and cute.

Now, Tina's presents: they were both absolutely appreciated!
neck warmer by La muscetta della torre d'avorio
She didn't know, but I wanted a neck warmer for so long! I love that it is white and I love the decoration! I'm going to use this a lot during the upcoming cold months...
keyring by La muscetta della torre d'avorio
This is a cute keyring, but actually I used it for a different purpose: it was just perfect to fix the closure of a broken bag of mine, which I'm very attached to. It matches the seams of the bag so nicely!

I'd like to thank Tina again: she really has some nice knitting skills and she was able to understand my tastes. I'd also like to thank Desy for her nice initiative.

One commission... and half.

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Today I want to show you a couple of works, made just before these holidays.
parure con paste di turchese
This set was requested by my sister-in-law Anna, for a friend of her.
She told me to use blue as the main color, so I chose turquoise beads, which I really like {for others: I don't like light blues on myself very much}. Then I added silver smallware, small blue beads and prismatic transparent beads. I can see this duo worn both during winter and summer, also I'm glad I created my first triple bracelet.
Xmas Charms
Unfortunately, this other work is incomplete. These are charms that I should have used to decorate some safety pins. Candy canes and gingerbread men are made out of polymer clay, then there are these ribbons that I formed with a fork... Are you familiar with this technique? I found it on Pinterest: you can see it from here. It is brilliant!
It's been more than a month from now that I ordered the pins, but they haven't arrived yet. I grew kind of frustrated when I could not give these pins to my mom, who wanted to use them for the gift packages for her friends. Of course, she didn't get angry with me: I'll make up for that next year :(
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