Pet Tag... with Pasta!

{Read in Italian...}

Hello everyone! Me and my bf are leaving for the weekend and little Bailey is going to stay with my in-laws for a couple of days.
Pet Tag... with Pasta!
I must admit that I'm not really happy about that, even if I know that our kitty will be safe with them...
I've already trained her to wear her colllar and tag: both beautifully handmade, bought from Etsy.
Pet Tag... with Pasta!
Collar from FunkyMutt. You don't say my favorite show is Doctor Who, right?...
There's only one problem: her tag shows my home phone number. Not very useful if we're not there!
Pet Tag... with Pasta!
Tag from FetchAPassionTags. Part of their profits goes to Rescue worldwide: another good reason to take a look! The key charm was added by me.
So I thought that I could create a second tag by myself, with my in-laws' phone number.
I used polymer clay, that I stamped with... veeeery professional tools: pasta!
Pet Tag... with Pasta!
When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I thought: “shame that this stuff doesn't exist in Italy”, but I was wrong: I found this alphabet pasta while I was doing my usual grocery shopping!
So here's the result...
Pet Tag... with Pasta!
My in-laws' phone numer is on the other side: I didn't show it for obvious privacy reasons.
… and my creation worn by the gorgeous model...
Pet Tag... with Pasta!
So, what do you think? I wanted to decorate it with pigments to enhance the look of the letters, but I was afraid that it wouldn't have been safe for Bailey if she tried to bite it...

Have a nice weekend!

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