Back with a new look!

{Read in Italian...}

Finally! These last two weeks have been extremely chaotic, with colds and headaches and so many things to do... But now I'm glad I can tell you that I'm done with my latest blog restyling!
It is terribly hard for me to work for myself: I'm such a perfectionist with a wide range of tastes, I'd totally be the nightmare for any designer if I were a customer ;)
Blog Design board for 'Tine the Lazy'
I decided to go for a super-minimal design, with the greatest attention for proportions and details. This makes me feel well represented with my OCD........
In my drafts used more graphic elements, but they just didn't fit. So now I have my colors and my fonts to talk about the personality of this space. Sometimes that's all you need, images and extra graphics are not mandatory under any circumstance! There are still some drawn elements, like those of my header and the "back to top" button. Some round shapes and dashed lines complete my scheme.

I also improved my navigation bar, giving a lot of attention to my About and Contacts pages. Sometimes we tend to neglect these pages, but that's a big mistake! My advice to whoever runs a blog or a website is to put a lot of care into them, these are the first pages that a potential reader can hit...

Talking about social and SEO-friendly improvements, I merged my Blogger account with my Google+ profile.
I've always been neglecting G+, but the more we move forward, the more this social network takes relevance in order to gain visibility and authority on search engines, so I have to get used to it!

I hope that you like the new look of my little space :)

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