New Header for Kilara Creation

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I'm very happy and proud to show you my second commission!
This time it's a header, for Francesca's blog: Kilara Creation.
New Header for Kilara Creation
Francesca creates beautiful jewelry with beads. Her blog was one of the very first that I started following when, five months ago, my blogging adventure begun.

Francesca wanted something fresh, drawn by me, that could express her love for all of the beads she works with (round, biconic, delica) and her beautiful cat, Cocca. As for the colors, she chose liliac and mint. After she approved my draft and color palette, my work begun and after a few days we reached the point where we were both satisfied.
Color palette chosen for Kilara Creation. Source: Design Seeds
Now Kilara Creation also has one of my polka-dotted background patterns, those that I shared with you some days ago. She's still working on the look of her blog, but I think that, little by little, she's creating a more definite personality for her creative space.

I want to thank Francesca again for the trust she gave me: I'm quite proud of my work and very happy because I created something for her!

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