Meet Bailey

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Some days ago, this little girl stepped into our home and our life.
meet Bailey
This summer my bf asked me if I wanted to adopt a kitten: I was so happy, yet very uncertain. I've been suffering from allergies since I was born and keepig a cat in our flat, without a garden, was risky for my health.
Nevertheless, I love cats with all my heart: words cannot describe the happiness I feel with them.
meet Bailey
A comfy nap inside Daddy's hoodie...
So, what to do? After searching for long weeks we found her, a little Siberian kitty.
Siberian cats are considered hypoallergenic, since they produce way less FelD1 than average cats. FelD1 is a protein found in cats' saliva and it is considered the main responsible for cat allergy.
Last month my bf and I went to meet her, her mommy, her siblings and her owners (a nice family, they've been so kind with us!). I spent an our in this closed room, with five kittens and their mother, without having asthma or skin irritation. We decided to come back and take Bailey with us as soon as she was weaned.
meet Bailey
Exploring the terrace!
Now Bailey has become a member of our little family. She looks happy: she's a curious little thing, although she also loves to purr while we hold her. When we sleep she wants to stay with us, on our feet, and shee sleeps all night long.
She's so cute to take your breath, when she moves her small white paws over her head we litteraly melt!
meet Bailey
I just adore her white mittens...
After five days I'm still feeling good, no allergies at all. That's amazing....
I hope that you like Bailey, my blog has already adopted her as its mascot: did you notice who's peepin' out from the right side of my header? :)
posso presentarvi Bailey?
Still sleeping?! Wakey wakey!
If you suffer from my same allergy problems but you love cats and would love to have one, I'd suggest you to attempt a stress test with Siberian cats: nobody can guarantee you that they're totally fine for your immune system, but chances to have a reaction are way lower than trying with a non-Siberian cat. Also keep in mind that females produce less FelD1 than males on average. Look around for more information!
Instead, for those who don't suffer from cat allergy, it would be great to adopt a cat from a refuge: there are so many of them, and they all seek for a someone to love them!! 
I will always support refuges as I can, donating food and some money.


  1. I see why you is so cute! PS. I literally adore the international version of your blog, congrats!

    1. Thanks Elettra, glad you like it!
      And Bailey, of course.


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