Fall inspiration & Tales of the Lost Earring

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Today I wanted to show you a couple of earrings that I really love and wear often.
Fall inspiration & Tales of the Lost Earring
The first pair is made of glazed ceramic and semiprecious stone beads, a tiny swarovski and silvery bead caps. While making them I was thinking about the beautiful colors and shapes of oak acorns...
Fall inspiration & Tales of the Lost Earring
This pair is smaller: wearable everyday, it can easily match any fall outfit. Another pair of glazed ceramic beads, a couple of champagne swarovski and bronze, leafy bead cups.

An hour ago these earrings caused me a little trouble: before shooting these photos I put them in my pencil case, then moved to the kitchen to have a coffee... When I came back, one of them was missing!
I looked for it everywhere, in the end I feared that my kitten had swallowed it... fear that seemed to come true when Bailey went to the bathroom to puke (sorry...)!
I was almost on my way to the vet, totally terrified, when I had a sort of... let's say, inspiration...
I looked again inside my pencil case and there it was, shiny and safe.
At least I think that I can partially be excused, since my waking this morning hasn't been very pleasant: I woke up to the loud sound of sirens, like it happens in my town when the river Bacchiglione (which caused a lot of trouble in my region in 2011) is about to overflow, and I live right next to it. I don't know why, since the weather is nice and sunny today, probably it was a test...

Anyway, have a nice Monday... less messy than mine, hopefully!

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