DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick

DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
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I don't know if it's just me, but time runs so fast during fall. So here we are, in the middle of October: time to get ready for Halloween!
Despite many people dislike this event (especially in Italy, where Halloween is seen as a foreign celebration, somehow kitsch) , I feel very attached to it. Halloween can give us the opportunity to express a lot of creativity with decoration, jewelry and, of course, cooking!

Today I'll share with you a little tutorial to create a candlestick in the shape of a pumpkin, using polymer clay. To decorate it, I used some strass, very cheap stuff  for nail art that you can find in any drugstore/dollar store.

DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
  • orange polymer clay
  • a candle
  • nail strass, black and colored (i used dark green ones)
  • tweezers
  • glue

DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
Soften the clay with your hands, then form a ball.
Put it on a paper sheet, then press the bottom of the candle against the top of the clay, in order to create the hole to insert the candle once the candlestick is ready.
DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
Now we'll create the pumpkin shape. I used a ball tool (one that I NEVER use with food, just for polymer clay!), but if you don't have it, you could use the bottom of your tweezers.
Refine details with your fingers if needed and check the hole: if it became too wide during the process you have to narrow it, or the candle will slip off (dangerous!).
Bake your candlestick in a preheated oven (about 260 °F) for 30 minutes. When it cools off, we'll be ready for decoration.
DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
Let's put some drops of glue on a piece of paper.
With your tweezers, take a black strass and dip its back in the glue.
DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
Apply then on the pumpkin and repeat for every 'bump'.
Do the same thing with colored strass, under the black ones; then again, black strass.
Once the glue is dry, we're done!
DIY 'Pumpkin' Candlestick
I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.
See ya!

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