Little Owl, Little Present

{Read in Italian...}

Last weekend I've been in Varese to visit my parents. I had bought a gift for my mum's birthday (a scarf with maxi polka dots), but I didn't want to make her just an impersonal gift.
My mother loves owls, so I decided to add something handmade on this subject.
little owl, little present
With some felt remnants, some cotton disks, needle, thread and glue I made this little owl, then I added a keychain.
I put the scarf into a white paper bag and hooked the keychain to one of its handles. Then I drew on the bag the moon and some stars, like a little night sky where the owl could rest.

This was certainly not an accurate work: I was in a hurry (as usual!) and this was my first time working with felt, but I liked the idea and I'd love to make more in the future.
Anyway, don't you think that a little handmade extra can help to make any store-bought gift way more personal?

Have a nice Monday!

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