'Crackle' necklace

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Lately, I've been hearing always more frequently of people who take someone else's work and pretend it's their own, especially on the internet. Sometimes their purpose is to resell an idea, which is disgusting yet understandable under a logical point of view, but what about those who do this just so they can get lots of praises?! What kind of satisfaction can they get from this?
I would never do such a thing to an artist or a designer that I appreciate!
I'm telling you this because today I want to show a necklace, but I'm not the one who started it.
crackle necklace
My sister-in-law Marilena is the one who taught me the basics of jewelry making.
Sometimes we meet, we exchange some ideas and we work together. Her amazing craft room (which was my mate's room!) is full of beautiful supplies that she gathered over time.
One day, while I was looking around, I found this little piece of chain with some of those pearls. Marilena told me that she was doing a necklace with it, but it was never completed. I rarely wear necklaces myself, but something in that white pattern with crackle quartz got me. So she told me that I could finish it if I wanted to: she made me happy!
crackle necklace
I consider myself very, very lucky.

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